Change Can Be Good!

FanBags is the only company that allows you change the playing surface of your boards by using our patented faceplate technology. So whether you change teams, change colleges, or flat out change your mind, your boards will always keep up and represent what is important to you.

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Beyond impressed with the boards that were made for me. The best I've ever seen! Including the others I have seen that you've made. Super cool. If I ever need more, I know where I am going, & I will also be sending everyone else your way. Great care and service for your customers. Thank you!

Angela R.

One of a kind custom boards that all will envy! Great business practices and communication! Generous group of people! Thanks again Fan Bags!

Kariann L.

Wonderful quality, beautiful and clear pictures, and prompt service. This is a great company with a great product. My husband and I highly recommend them and are considering to purchase another as a gift.

Gina M.

We ordered a set of boards for our college tail-gaiting and football games and we love them! They are sturdy (not like a lot of the cheapy plastic one they sell at the box stores) and have a great design on them. We love that we can switch them out, depending on what event we are using them for, football, baseball or just backyard cookout. The bags themselves are quality too, had our for a couple years and no fraying or falling apart. It's a great product that is worth the cost! Thanks!!

Mandy W.

Had ordered a set of boards for our wedding and they turned out even better than expected!! Loved the way you could customize the boards to fit any occasion or event, super easy to swap boards out too! Had several people ask at the reception where they could get the same and was more than happy to direct to Fan Bags!!

Sean OC.

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Founder Brian Poetter showcases the patent-pending interchangeable bag set on the Manly Man Show!


Who Says You Can't Change Your Past Decisions?

Our patented interchangeable playing surfaces allow you to change any design for any occasion.