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Meet the Team & Our Pro's

If you look good, you play good.

At FanBags Cornhole we specialize in making products that are as unique as our customers. There is nothing better than designing a kick ass set of boards or bags for our customers to show off. We partner with cornhole pro's (yes there are professional cornhole players) to test out, give us feedback, and represent our family owned brand. When you choose FanBags, you are choosing the best in the game.

In 2012 we had an idea. What if you could change out the playing surface on a cornhole set. You could go from one tailgate to another, and support each team by sliding their design in and out of a professional frame. What started as a way to show your fandom for multiple teams, blossomed into breweries using one set to show off their changing beer menu and wineries using one set to show off their seasonal bottles. Fan Bags is the ONLY Company to offer INTERCHANGEABLE playing surfaces on all our cornhole boards. Our patent-pending interchangeable design is available on every design that we sell. Simply remove the top of the frame, slide the playing surface out, and slide your new design in. Transformation takes less than 30 seconds!

If you are not looking to change your tops out, we offer a professional set called our Tournament Edition PRO boards. These are the same boards you see on TV and at your local tournament. 

Each design is printed directly onto the wood playing surface in stunning HD. That means no tearing, fading, peeling, or bubbling usually comes with vinyl decals. Your design will remain as stunning as the day you purchased it for years to come.

We specialize in personalized designs for your special events (wedding, birthday, anniversary) or business marketing.

Let us help you revolutionize your tailgate experience!

Brian Poetter, Steven Bernacet, Ryan Bishop, Derrick King
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