Check out our inventory of Tailgate Essentials! Grills are great, but everyone has one. These items are must haves but available only through our website. Want to set your tailgate apart? Get some of these items!


Boost your tailgate with our Tailgate Tower! Our tower can play to heights over 6 feet before someone makes it fall. Our towers are made out of construction grade 2x4's and cut into 10.5" individual pieces. Each piece is sanded and planed so that the only worry is choosing the right piece to remove. Not who may get a splinter. Our sets come in 45, 54, and 60 piece increments. How tall can you go?


Keep score no matter how long any interuptions you've had, no matter how many drinks you've had, or if you have that one opponent who "conveniently" forgets to add a point here or there. Our tailgate tower will keep everything straight no matter what is going on.