Autism Pro Bags (4 bags)

FanBags Cornhole


Made of 100% synthetic materials, this bag plays well in every condition. Each bag is resin filled making it versatile and weather resistant. 

The Mamba has a true stick and slick side. Ideal for a player that wants a consistent but controllable slick side and a traditional stick side.

The Rebel pushes the limits on size and is meant to find its way into the hole. A slightly smaller but legal bag, The Rebel can fit through or go over whatever stands in its way. Humidity is no match for the basket weave synthetic fabric on the slick side coupled with our medium stick side that doesn't kick!

These bags compliment our professional boards and work perfectly with our liquid laminate sealer. You get a true slide or stick regardless of the temperature around you. 

The design shown will be printed on both sides of each bag.

All Pro bags come with a 90 Day warranty that covers manufacturers defects.

All Pro bags are made and distributed by Local Bag Co. The Mamba and Rebel versions are American Cornhole League (ACL) approved for professional play.