FanBags Cornhole


Looking for a game inside of a game?

Introducing our Pro Level, Tournament Edition boards. What you see on TV is what you get with these professional grade cornhole boards. 

Each set is crafted to perfection. And when we say perfection, we mean it. We back these boards up with a LIFETIME manufacturers warranty against the following issues that some of our competitors face. Our boards will 

  • Never peel or bubble
  • Be within the measurements of an industry standard set of regulation boards
  • Have rounded edges on both sides of the playing surface including the hole
  • Have 2 coats of poly applied to the top
  • Have 2 support brackets installed under the playing surface in order to reduce/ eliminate any bag bounce
  • Have 2 legs that lay flush to a flat surface

Each Tournament Edition Set is

  • Made right here in the USA!
  • Finished and ready for you to play on right out of the box.
  • No screw/nail holes anywhere in the top.
  • 3/4" and 11 ply Baltic Birch tops
  • Perfectly rounded edges, including the perimeter of the top and hole. Your bags wont catch anything as they glide into the hole.
  • 6" Regulation hole
  • Cross beams located underneath to prevent and eliminate any bounce whatsoever
  • Folding legs with support bracket that make storage simple!
  • Handles built into the sides for easy carrying from event to event. 
  • Built to professional cornhole specs in regards to size, angle, and depth.
  • Fully customizable with each design printed directly on the wood. No peeling, fading, or bubbling with these boards! 
  • Take your game, your tailgate, or your tournament to the next level with these perfect boards!



  • Water damage- Yes our boards have a protective poly on them, but they are wood and not meant to be left out in rain, sleet, or hurricane weather. 
  • Extensive Abuse not limited to dropping, gauging, kicking, punching, or modifying. This includes lights, cup holders, and measuring tools installed after delivery. 
  • Patches are present on all of our boards. Our print covers them up and the poly seals them. Visible patches on plain, wood grain boards are not covered. 
  • Custom work- All custom work is submitted to each customer for their review and approval before we print. Any misspellings, inaccurate data, or punctuation is not covered once the customer approves the design.
  • Custom artwork- All custom artwork submitted to FanBags is assumed to be color verified and pixel verified by the customer.