FanBags Cornhole


North Country Baggers are a group of semi pro and professional cornhole players based out of Fargo, ND. In fact some of their members reach into parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. How did they get so good at bags? Well after shoveling 8 inches of snow in the summer time, they head out to the nearest bar and toss some bags and beers. The North Country Baggers travel very well as a group and can be seen at various tournaments all over the US. 

Check out the complete lineup of ACL approved and officially licensed bags by FanBags Cornhole. Each bag is resin filled and double template stitched. They are machine washable and come with a 90 day guarantee against splitting or busting. Our sublimation printing process locks in your design and guarantees against fading or bleeding. Which model is right for you?

The 4BAGGER has a medium stick side and true slick side. This bag is perfect for people who want control, love to set up a blocker, but also want to push it in. The stick side slows the bag but makes it easier to push it with your second shot. The rounded corners and smaller resin make finding the hole even easier. Both the stick and slick materials produce a clear and vibrant print that is perfect for those looking to customize a set.

4Bagger Speed Rating

The SPEED FORCE bags feel the need... the need for speed! With a super quick fabric on both sides the Speed Force will fly straight and true. It is cut smaller than most of the bags on the market so it can over, through, or bulldoze whatever is in its way.

Speed Force Speed Rating

The SLIP N SLIDE bags are a beautiful blend of subtle stick and super speed. The "stick" side is kind of like putting your kids tricycle brakes on an 18 wheeler. It'll slow a little bit, but not too much. The "slick" side is fast, but not too aggressive. This bag allows for a ton of control, while finding the hole and trickling in.

Slip N Slide Speed Rating

All bags are ACL (American Cornhole League) approved for league play. All 4Bagger bags in solid colors are broadcast approved.